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Hitsugi | 柩

GREMLINS | Vocals & guitar

-Real name : Ikari Mitsuo
-Status : Married
-DOB : 5th March, 1982

Been here since 2011年11月.

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I am NOT the real Hitsugi or affiliated with the band in any way.

My plans of getting a lot of sleep didn’t really work out this time either..



sometimes ur so cute and i wanna squeeze ur cheeks and kiss ur nose other times ur really hot and i wanna touch u inappropriately and make u moan 

I’d really need a lot of sleep tonight since I have an important meeting tomorrow in the afternoon and then I should be awake in the evening too, because alcohol and Yomi.

How do you sleep enough?

I’m sure it would look very good on you, Stitch.

yomi-anon said:
Is it true that yomi is the sexiest homo you have?

No it’s not.

"Is it true that…" Finish it in my ask box!
匿名 said:
But it would reveal mun's other account *cries*

Weeeell, it’s up to you now~!

匿名 said:
(Ive actually considered giving you mun's personal skype...) -Meto

Oh? Well why not! And since I don’t even use aim.



…. so my face is full of text? How am I supposed to go out tomorrow!

wait, there’s more!! 

No Yomi, no. I’m sure I’d look fabulous with beard and mustache though.

…. so my face is full of text? How am I supposed to go out tomorrow!

匿名 said:
*aggresively writes HOT DAMN across his face* -Meto (just permanently lazy to use his tumblr. is so sorry.)

Why on my face! I hope it’s not a permanent marker.. And you should be around more ofteeeen.

Grab a marker and write something on my muse! ( Anywhere over my muse’s body. )